BetClic Online Betting Review

BetClic Online Betting Review

Betclic is an online internet site for betting on sports and it is one of the largest European betting centers. Nicholas Beraud introduced it in 2005, investing 3 million euros. Integrated features and updated information, along with swift actions over the website has helped the online sports betting site to reckon a place of its own as a leading gambling site. A French betting internet site, Betclic allows operation of betting through fixed odds, in most of its sports betting websites. It is mention-worthy in this regard that Betclic is regarded as the first French online gambling operator to obtain license for variety of online gambling in France.

The online gambling site on sports offers innumerable advantages for any new account holder. With its happy hours, monthly contests and exciting betting on games, Betclic definitely turns out to be a heaven for players taking part in the betting sessions. Apart from this, there are even other betting promotions on live sports and even bonus points that eventually come in handy for the players.

In addition to these advantages, Betclic also imposes certain restrictions upon the movement of the player to control any mismanagement or related frauds. Daily and even weekly deposits are limited to a certain amount. A player is allowed to either deposit or withdraw more than the prescribed amount at a given moment. Transactions are totally secured. Betclic operates in partnership with NatWest and Barclays banks of Europe.



A player can take part in any betting event related to sports event such as football, American football, tennis, basketball, baseball, cycling, cricket, boxing and the likes. Players can even have a sneak peak at the statistics and even on the live scores before taking a final call to place their bets on. Thoroughly updated statistical records and real-time live scores help in assessing the correct betting options and judge a winning note.

Regarding betting security, Betclic offers a grand opportunity to the players in which a pre-soccer betting amount placed up to 50 euros is refunded in case any game turns out to end at goalless draw. They are providing this offer for the African Soccer Championship.

Betclic is a licensed online gaming website operating 24×7. Commissioner of Gibralter Gambling regulates the betting website. It is even registered in Gibralter as Betclic (Gibralter) Limited. An aspiring player needs to sign up with the online sports betting site and make an initial credit payment of 30 pounds. Calculated betting tips will prove to open his or her luck by taking part on the sports betting offered on this internet-betting site.

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  • Bets can be managed even by Android or iPhones
  • Cash back-up and even refund facilities


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  • Amount of bets available might not be same to the competitions taking place
  • Can even provide more payment options