Forms of Heuristics that Should be Eliminated for Successful Betting

Forms of Heuristics that Should be Eliminated for Successful Betting

Heuristics – a psychological term, describing utilization of some readymade regulation or instinctive gut, should be avoided under every circumstance to succeed as a bettor. There are certain examples of enjoying positive results while relying on heuristics. However, there is no logical proof of 100% success every time. Logical reasoning and detailed calculation leads to long term success in the betting industry. Here are few heuristics that can definitely lead to great loses in betting events.

Availability Bias

Such biases tends to occur from the tendency of people to attach comparatively great significance to many events leading to leave a strong impression or even turns out easy to recall.

In football betting, people generally over-estimate frequencies of various events like corners and red-cards since they can be recalled easily. As a result, bettors fall prey to favor Over across the market of Totals. Availability bias also led to buy wrong Spread calls in most cases.


This affects the ability of people to estimate probable number of various items regarding any specific type. Anchoring also affects the ability to estimate probable value through any sequence.

Anchoring bias tracks all estimates of participants to an arbitrary point. Betting market try to cash on this biasness of people through various handicaps. Bettors need to be aware of anchors while placing their bets. Since there is no scientific calculation, rather illogical pattern and empathy towards certain numbers would definitely lead to influence logical judgment without realizing.


The heuristic leads people demonstrate great diversity when they are confronted with simultaneous choices; rather than few sequential ones.

In case of betting events, punters are likely to invest in excess when they apprehend opportunities that are diversified. Bettors are found to back draw and away teams on account of diversified bets, opposed to laying related home teams. Betting more can turn out to be profitable on accounts of greater expected value.

Gamblers fallacy or representativeness

Bettors are likely to believe in short sequences involving random events and consider them to be longer ones. They simply tend to ignore statistical independence of such facts.
Human beings try to remain rational under circumstances. However, their instincts might get importance and lead to dire consequences. Bettors also fall prey to their illogical and pre-conceived notions and instincts.

Sunk cost or escalation of commitment

This heuristic eminently explains the reason why people tend to get compelled to offer logical justification of any commitment through increasing cumulative investment. This comes in spite of potential cost outweighing several benefits.

In case of betting incidents, the factor comes into limelight when various punters persist to go with bets that offer high probability to incur larger amount of cost; in contrast to take certain immediate, yet smaller loss. Under such situations, bettors tend to justify their decision, rather than cutting on their incurred loss.

These are few heuristics that need to be controlled when taking decisions on betting. Although they can help to get favorable returns in few cases; yet, they do not ensure such guarantee under any circumstances. This heuristic nature is passed through generations that offer quick-fire methods to cope any unfavorable situation. However, relying on them blindly is not recommended under any circumstances.