Importance of Responsible Gambling

Gambling can be fun since it helps in converting a meager amount of money into a huge one, within moments. However, it can even turn out to be an addiction. An addicted person might find it difficult to control his or her lust to bet. This might even have a very bad impact. On one hand, gambling provides a scope of increasing money within a short span of time; on the other hand, it can even pave the way to become bankrupt within seconds. Indulging in responsible gambling is therefore required to restrain from making it a habit.

Common symptoms of a gambling addict

Some of the common symptoms related to addiction to gambling include –

  • Missing work in order to take part in gambling events
  • Gambling till the last penny
  • Borrowing money to take part in gambles
  • Frequently returning to gambling arenas

Program on National Responsible Gambling undertakes several research initiatives in order to monitor the problems creeping out of indulgence of intensive gambling and methods to effectively prevent such incidents. They propagate mass awareness regarding ill effects of habitual gambling and even provide counselling for preventing and treating gambling addicted people. Under this program, special treatment is provided for habitual gambling addicts (free of cost) to help them overcome the problem and enter mainstream of social life.

Responsible Gambling Strategy board is also entrusted with the duty to study various aspects of gambling effects. However, their most dominant part of job lies in ensuring gambling license holders to carry out their functions in a socially responsible manner.

This strategy board provides independent advice to various gambling commissions and other statutory authorities, about research-priorities and strategies necessary for understanding effects of gambling in a society. This proves to define legal rules and boundaries for the license-holders to carry on such a business in a systematic manner, and not having any direct or indirect ill effect to majority of the society.